Sean Ward, mandolin and vocals


Sean Ward, one of the co-founders of Tallymoore, brings his talents as a singer and multi-instrumentalist to the group. In addition to playing the mandolin, he plays the guitar and the bodhran as well as a wide range of other instruments. Sean is one of the principal vocalists in Tallymoore, and is featured on many of the tracks of Tallymoore’s latest CD, “Drive.”  His voice has been described as “a sparkling clear tenor…distinctive in character and refreshing in its energy and earnestness.”

His affinity for Irish folk music started at the age of 8 when he attended the Tommy Makem International Festival of Song in Armagh, Ireland. Sean is passionate about preserving the Irish folk-singing tradition and keeping alive the spirit of the important contributors to that history. He has been lucky to have shared the stage with many of these well-known folk singers, including Tommy Makem, Tom Sweeney, and Eugene Bryne. A central focus for Sean is mining the vast repertoire of Irish folk songs, and enabling Tallymoore to present compelling new arrangements of these songs, while preserving their integrity.

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