Reviews and Endorsements

“Tallymoore is a dynamic, young Celtic band combining top notch musicianship with distinctive singers able to unite their voices to create unique harmonies, as best realized on their latest CD Drive. Seeing them live offers the added bonus of phenomenal showmanship and an ability to make classic songs their own, setting them apart as innovative and seasoned interpreters of the best in Celtic music today.”
-Michael Lange
President & Director
Mad Gael Productions

Tallymoore is an unparalleled group of incredible musicians that can not only play it, but touch your soul. We have presented some great Irish musical artists at the Oconomowoc Arts Center…Tallymoore is at the top of the list.”
-Michael Duncan
Oconomowoc Arts Center

“One of the new bands on this [folk music] front is Tallymoore. They’ve weaved together a unique sound that is new and old at the same time. Beautiful vocal harmonies mixed with folk instrumentation at its best.”
-Barry Stapleton
Entertainment Staff
Milwaukee Irish Fest

“Tallymoore has played the Iowa Irish Fest for a few years and has always provided amazing Irish music. They don’t just play it, they feel it. They can take a traditional tune and give it a new spark that really gets their audience moving and engaged. Highly recommended.”
-Greg Tagtow
Entertainment Chairman
Iowa Irish Fest

“I have had Tallymoore back to our festival for many years now because they are always one of the crowd favorites with their layered instrumentation and their finely blended 3 part vocal harmonies. They can knock it out of the park with their unique versions of traditional Irish folk songs and ballads and engage the crowd with their high energy and enthusiasm. We put over 30 bands on stage at our festival and Tallymoore always rates at the top! Not to mention they are just a bunch of nice people!”
-Liam Gibbons
Galway Bay Irish Music Festival

“Tallymoore was a tremendous hit at the Syracuse Irish festival. Their unique blend of fast paced traditional music and ballads provided our audience with an experience that they continue to talk about.”
-Martin Cahill
Syracuse Irish Festival

“Thick with rich harmonies and rollicking instrumentation, Tallymoore’s authentic sound lends itself to sing-alongs and dancing in the spirit of the centuries of Celtic music it draws from.”
-Milwaukee Shepherd Express

“I listen to dozens of CDs every month and I have to say [Drive] is exceptional. I really like the beginning because it represents both their unique arrangements and their harmonies and instrumental skills. Perfect to put people on notice this is going to be good. Tommy Makem would be proud!”
-Ed Ward, Milwaukee Irish Fest

Tallymoore “create[s] some pretty entertaining music….While they do like to perform the classics, they take the songs apart and craft arrangements that are exclusively their own…[T]hey create new and fresh takes on songs we’ve heard a thousand times, but never like this. It’s great stuff and for those folks that say nothing new is being done on this side of the pond, let them listen to Tallymoore….One original piece on their CD really merits special notice, “I’m a Tommy Makem Man” by Dave Kennedy is a great new song and does prodigious tribute to the late Tommy Makem. Fun stuff and a very good band.”
Jack Baker Irish American News May 2016

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