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Our second full-length album has twelve tracks including familiar folk songs, traditional reels, and Tallymoore's original tune, “I'm a Tommy Makem Man.”

1. Step it Out Mary
2. Dirty Old Town
3. Young Ned of the Hill
4. I’m a Tommy Makem Man
5. Leave Her Johnny
6. The Sons of Molly Maguire
7. Queen of Argyll
8. Mingulay Boat Song
9. Sound the Pibroch
10. Black is the Colour of my True Love’s Hair
11. Home to Donegal
12. Red is the Rose

Sean Ward (vocals, mandolin), Erin Hoffmann (violin), Matt Voell (vocals, piano), Dave Kennedy (vocals, guitar)
featuring: Karl Suechting (bass), Jack Tell (banjo), Molly Lieberman (viola), Malik Johnson (cello)

Recorded, Engineered and Mixed by Kevin Arndt
Assistant Engineer: Rob Jokala
Produced by Kevin Arndt
Mastered by Randy LeRoy at Airshow Mastering



Product Description

“I listen to dozens of CDs every month and I have to say this CD is exceptional. I really like the beginning because it represents both their unique arrangements and their harmonies and instrumental skills. Perfect to put people on notice this is going to be good. Tommy Makem would be proud!”
-Ed Ward, Milwaukee Irish Fest

Tallymoore “create[s] some pretty entertaining music….While they do like to perform the classics, they take the songs apart and craft arrangements that are exclusively their own…[T]hey create new and fresh takes on songs we’ve heard a thousand times, but never like this. It’s great stuff and for those folks that say nothing new is being done on this side of the pond, let them listen to Tallymoore….One original piece on their CD really merits special notice, “I’m a Tommy Makem Man” by Dave Kennedy is a great new song and does prodigious tribute to the late Tommy Makem. Fun stuff and a very good band.”
Jack Baker Irish American News May 2016

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