Pete Ford, vocals

Pete Ford

Pete is a vocalist and guitarist & currently resides in Chicago, where he pursues a variety of music-related projects as a performer, studio engineer, and songwriter/arranger.

Pete graduated with honors from Columbia College in Chicago in 2013 with a degree in Contemporary, Urban and Popular Music. He has Midwestern roots, and was raised in Minnetonka, Minnesota, where he grew up listening to classic Rock and folk music. Pete combined his songwriting prowess, his musical influences and an entrepreneurial spirit and started a business in Minnetonka writing customized songs on-the-spot for mall shoppers seeking a unique gift as well as for corporate clients looking for commercial jingles. The business expanded into providing live performances of his original tunes at a variety of personal and business events.

Pete also has taught vocals, guitar, and keyboard at the School of Rock in Hinsdale, IL. He has performed in both solo settings and with groups, including most recently in a folk duo titled “Pete & Nick” in the Chicago area.

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