Matt Voell, piano and vocals


The vision for Tallymoore began in partnership with Sean Ward in 2010. Matt’s and Sean’s friendship is rooted in their involvement in Milwaukee Irish Fest and their participation in the Irish Fest Youth Choir. When they “aged-out” of the Choir, they committed to forming a singing group built on their mutual love for Irish folk songs and multi-part harmony.  After many jam sessions, brainstorming meetings, and dedicated planning, Tallymoore was born.  The vision for Tallymoore was to develop a fully-engaging and energetic performing band centered around and driven by the harmonies that Sean and Matt had created over their years of singing together.  Matt is proud to see Tallymoore continuing to advance, and, with the 2016 release of “Drive,” moving in a determined fashion to realize the original vision contemplated for the group.  

Matt studied technical theater with an emphasis in lighting design at Columbia College, Chicago.  Matt is formally trained in piano and also plays guitar and occasionally percussion. While at Columbia he continued his studies on piano and had significant opportunities for vocal performance. Matt participated in a number of vocal groups and ensembles at Columbia, where he was afforded close exposure to top-level visiting artists-in-residence at the college. Through these programs, Matt had the privilege of studying and performing with numerous well-known performers—- some of the best names in Jazz, Blues, and Pop.  Matt continues to undertake many free-lance lighting and set design projects at local theaters and venues. On a personal note, Matt enjoys cooking fun recipes from Pinterest—-he is waiting for the right opportunity to test out his recipes on his Tallymoore bandmates!

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