Dave Kennedy, guitar and vocals


Dave embarked on a mission to join Tallymoore after hearing them for the first time at a 2012 Christmas Concert at the Irish Fest Center in Milwaukee. He realized then and there that their talent was undeniable and, ultimately, irresistible. Asked to handicap his odds of joining the group at the time, he reckoned that it certainly was “a long shot,” noting that “there was really nothing I could add that they did not already have in great supply….” After garnering some interest from the group with his arrangement of Dougie McLean’s “Caledonia,” Dave was invited to play on several tracks of the group’s 2013 CD, “Tallymoore” and began sitting in during live performances. He was drawn in by the group’s energy —-“There is a real excitement and momentum with this group that is fun to be a part of….” Sometimes persistence pays off: after driving the tour bus, carrying gear and doing laundry for a few months, he was elevated to full member status!

Dave studied guitar at The Wisconsin Conservatory of Music with Mike Sullivan. He has played and sung with numerous groups in the Milwaukee area, including; The 66th Street Band, The 17th Avenue Band, and The Crawford Jazz Band. Currently, he is also a member of The Differentials (www.thedifferentialsband.com), a group that plays the golden hits of the 60s and 70s. Dave plays acoustic guitar and, occasionally, electric guitar with Tallymoore. He also adds vocal harmonies—“Tallymoore is blessed with incredible vocal talent with Sean and Matt—–it is a real treat to be able to sing with them.” Dave particularly enjoys working on Tallymoore’s modified arrangements and adaptations of classic Irish folk tunes.

Dave’s gear: Alvarez Yairi guitar, Elixir strings, and LR Baggs ParaAcoustic DI.

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