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Established in 2012, Tallymoore is a contemporary Irish Folk band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin performing a range of Irish and Scottish folk tunes, ballads, reels and classic pub songs. The group also incorporates acoustic and vocal material from broader Celtic, traditional country, bluegrass, and Americana sources. Tallymoore aims to breathe new life into Irish folk favorites. They are best known for their strong vocals and complex harmonic treatments of tunes, along with rich instrumentation. Their innovative arrangements of classic tunes have made them a favorite among festival goers. Their vocal harmony blend, distinctive arrangements, and strong musicianship have distinguished them on the Irish music scene.

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Tallymoore is an unparalleled group of incredible musicians that can not only play it, but touch your soul. We have presented some great Irish musical artists at the Oconomowoc Arts Center…Tallymoore is at the top of the list.
-Michael Duncan, Director, OAC

Thick with rich harmonies and rollicking instrumentation, Tallymoore’s authentic sound lends itself to sing-alongs and dancing in the spirit of the centuries of Celtic music it draws from.
-Milwaukee Shepherd Express

They’ve weaved together a unique sound that is new and old at the same time. Beautiful vocal harmonies mixed with folk instrumentation at its best.
-Barry Stapleton, Entertainment Staff; Milwaukee Irish Fest

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